Financing Options for Sleep Apnea Treatment
– Manhattan, NYC

Dr. Beshar is dedicated to providing top-notch sleep apnea solutions for patients in Manhattan, NYC and surrounding areas.  Our team believes that everyone should have access to the medical care they need for optimal dental and overall health.  Accordingly, we offer a number of financing options so that patients can secure necessary sleep apnea treatment without undue financial stress.  When you enlist our support, we will provide the exceptional services for which the practice is known.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Financing Options

Aesthetic Dental Group provides the following sleep apnea treatment financing options:

Dental Fee Plan – The Dental Fee Plan allows patients to invest in their future health by planning their health care financing.   The Plan allows patients to make small monthly payments for their sleep apnea treatment.

Credit card payment – Aesthetic Dental Group accepts most major credit cards, including Visa® and MasterCard®.  Contact our office to learn more about this option.

Most dental insurance plans – We strive to accept patients’ health insurance plans when possible.  Contact our office to learn more about this option.

Contact our office today to learn more about financing your sleep apnea treatment.  We welcome patients in Manhattan, NYC and surrounding areas.


Helping Create Your Sleep Apnea Financing Plan

Our staff works with each patient to help create a sleep apnea treatment financing plan that will meet the patient’s unique needs.  Our caring, professional team is more than happy to walk you through the process of creating a financing plan.

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Contact Dr. Beshar to learn more about our sleep apnea financing options.  We welcome patients in Manhattan, NYC and surrounding communities.  When you secure our services, we will work diligently to minimize or eliminate your symptoms.